Presentations, panels and fresh dialogue
09:00 - 10:00

Arrival & Registration

Delegates were welcome to register from 9am and a selection of complimentary hot beverages, smoothies, pastries and fruit were available.

Welcome Address

The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, Minister of State for Security, conducted the Opening Address of E3S.
The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP

Presentation: Behavioural Detection and Security Awareness

Andy Palmer, who leads London Gatwick’s border security team, gave the first presentation of E3S, speaking on the airport’s person assessment screening system (PASS) and how it can be applied...
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Andrew Palmer

PANEL: ‘The 3 Ps: Preparation, Planning & Prevention’

The first panel of the day discussed the importance of pre-event planning following what Colonel Richard Latham, The O2’s Head of Security, called a “step change” in the terrorist threat...
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Kate Bunyan
Morten Therkildsen
Richard Latham
Mark Breen
Duncan Cullen
Ian Kerr
11:30 – 12:00

Networking Coffee Break

Coffee, tea and biscuits galore as E3S took a welcome mid morning break allowing delegates to mingle and catch up.

Presentation: High Footfall Screening for Events and Festivals

Search and screening measures range from the ‘Gold Standard’ of Airport-Style screening (which is both impractical and inappropriate for most events) to the ‘do nothing’ option. But what options are...
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Government Security Specialist

PANEL: ‘Rings of Steel: Securing Your Event’

The second panel of E3S was the first to broach a topic that became a theme throughout the day: that of not neglecting crowd and general event safety at all...
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Pascal Viot
Keith Wood
Liam Boylan
Eric Stuart
Roger Gomm
13:15 – 14:30

Complimentary lunch

Delegates enjoyed a five-star buffet lunch and some of the finest cuisine offered by the hotel. From hot pan-Asian and Moroccan dishes, to an array of salads, sandwiches and tasty deserts, it was an extended lunch for delegates to refuel and refresh. Pay bar was optional.

Presentation: Advances in festival security

Echoing the opinions expressed during the previous panel, MOM Consultancy’s Chris Kemp warned the industry is becoming too concerned with terrorism, to the extent that “we’re starting to lose sight...
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Chris Kemp

Presentation: Crowd Dynamics at Venues, Events & Festivals

Movement Strategies Simon Ancliffe spoke on the risks to safety arising specifically from the presence of high-density crowds, including vehicles, slips and trips and crowd collapses/crushes, and how they can...
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Simon Ancliffe

PANEL: ‘The 3 Rs: Reaction, Response & Recovery’

Chair Carl AH Martin opened panel #4 by asking Coralie Berael, manager of Brussels’ 8,000-cap. Forest National arena, to relate her experience of the days following the attack on the...
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Coralie Berael
Matt Bettenhausen
Chris Jones
Martin Reitmaier
Carl A H Martin
16:00 – 16:30

Networking, coffee and snack break

A mid-afternoon cuppa with a selection of cakes, snacks and fruit guaranteed to boost energy levels before the final afternoon’s sessions.

Presentation: Drones, the threat from above

The final presentation of E3S came courtesy of Martin Lanni, the CEO of anti-drone specialist Quantum Aviation. He warned that number of drones worldwide is “increasing exponentially”, meaning venues have...
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Martin Lanni

PANEL: ‘The Show Goes On… Moving forward together’

The final E3S panel considered what security at live events will look like in the future – and who’s going to pay for it. From a promoters’ perspective, said Live...
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Olivier Toth
Phil Bowdery
John Sharkey
John Langford
Chris Kemp

Closing remarks

Brian Kabatznick, Martin Ingham and Greg Parmley invited feedback and comments from the floor during the E3S wrap up session.
Greg Parmley
Martin Ingham
Brian Kabatznick
18:00 – 20:00

Closing Drinks Party

The National Arena Association (NAA) and European Arena Association (EAA) hosted two hours of networking and drinks as E3S drew to a close. It was a chance for delegates to enjoy a cold beer, a glass of wine or something soft while reviewing the findings and discussion from the day. And with The O2 Arena complex right next door, there was plenty of options for afterwards…